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【Multifunctional Vacuum Cleaner Set】: This portable car vacuum cleaner is equipped with three different accessories to better meet your cleaning needs. The brush tool efficiently absorbs hair and dust from various surfaces, while the gap nozzle tool is perfect for cleaning sofas, gaps, and corners. Additionally, the thin hair dryer attachment can easily blow away dust from keyboards or inflate balloons. This simple and portable suction and blowing combination is suitable for handheld vacuum cleaners in cars and homes.

【Powerful Suction Power】: With a powerful suction power of up to 13kpa, this vacuum cleaner allows you to easily and deeply clean large amounts of dirt and dust, including sand, soot, fruit shells, pet hair, and other dry debris that are difficult to clean manually. Say goodbye to dust and dirt in your life with this mini vacuum.

【Washable Filter】: The washable and detachable metal + Hypa filter is easy to replace and clean, paired with a large-capacity dust cup. The external metal filter and built-in Hypa filter element are dust-proof and can be washed and cleaned repeatedly. However, please do not clean the fuselage.

【Type-C Interface】: Equipped with a USB rechargeable data cable, the car vacuum's large-capacity lithium battery only needs to be charged for about 15 minutes to last for 2-4 hours, making cleaning work easier. This home portable vacuum cleaner is perfect for your family.

Recommended Usage Scenarios: This lightweight mini vacuum is suitable for cleaning various surfaces such as sofas, bookshelves, laptops, PCs, keyboards, ornaments, desks, tables, pianos, carpets, floors, cars, offices, kitchens, camping sites, RV travel, picnics, and more.

PATO portable lightweight mini vacuum is a handy partner in your daily life, offering simplicity combined with powerful cleaning capabilities.


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