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Powerful Electric Chain Saw: Ultimate Efficiency and Durability

High-Performance Motor and Battery: The mini electric chain saw features a high-spec, powerful brushless motor and a 21V high-power battery. With an output power of 600W, this chainsaw can cut through 4-inch diameter logs in approximately 5 seconds. Experience increased yard work efficiency with no sparks, minimal noise, and enhanced durability.

Superior Cutting Efficiency: The rechargeable mini chainsaw boasts a deeply quenched chain for smooth, efficient cutting. Its unique saw tooth design ensures steady sawing in one direction, resulting in faster, more efficient cuts and smoother surfaces on the cut material.

Double Protection for Safety: Equipped with a 90-degree adjustable baffle, this cordless chainsaw effectively prevents wood chips from splashing. For safe operation, press and hold both the protection button and the switch button simultaneously to start the chainsaw.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design: Weighing only 0.8kg, this 4-inch wood cutting chainsaw is compact, comfortable to hold, and easily portable. Its lightweight design allows for one-handed operation, making it suitable for home or professional use. Even women and the elderly can handle it with ease.

Multifunctional Use: This portable handheld chainsaw is versatile and can be used for cutting trees, plastics, and soft metals, pruning branches, gardening, sawing wood, transforming furniture, and picking fruit. It's an essential tool for any woodworking project.

Product Description: Introducing the 4-inch Mini Chainsaw, your ideal tool for farm, garden, and home use. This ergonomically designed, high-performance chainsaw replaces heavy gasoline saws and laborious pull saws, providing an effortless and efficient cutting experience. It’s perfect for women and the elderly, ensuring comfort even during extended use.

Powerful Electric Chainsaw:

  • Easy to Use: The chainsaw arrives fully assembled. Once the battery is fully charged, you're ready to start a new pruning experience.
  • Safe and Reliable: Double protection features include a security lock to prevent accidental use by children and adjustable baffles to prevent debris splash.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for wood cutting, gardening, pruning small branches and bushes, and cutting wood during camping trips.

Package Includes:

  • 1x 4-inch Mini Chainsaw
  • 1x 1.5Ah Battery
  • 2x Chains
  • 1x 4-inch Guide Plate
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Oil Pot
  • 1x Pair of Non-Slip Gloves
  • 1x Pair of Goggles
  • 1x Carrying Bag
  • 1x User Manual

Enhanced Features:

  • Guide Plate Gear: The gear design reduces friction between the chain and guide plate, extending the service life of both the chain and motor.
  • LED Lighting: An integrated LED light allows for easy and convenient work in dark or low-light conditions, making the chainsaw versatile for day or night use.
  • Powerful Motor: The brushless motor operates without sparks and noise, providing a more comfortable and durable user experience.

Important Safety Tips:

  • Always shut down the chainsaw and disconnect the battery before examination or repair.
  • Handle the sharp chain carefully to avoid accidental injury and keep it away from children.
  • Install the battery only when ready to use the chainsaw.
  • Fully charge the mini cordless chainsaw before the first use.
  • The battery indicator will show a red light while charging and turn green when fully charged.
  • Check and adjust the chain's tightness before use with the provided screwdriver if necessary.

Equip yourself with the powerful and efficient 4-inch Mini Chainsaw, and tackle your yard work and woodworking projects with ease and precision.


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