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šŸ’” GREAT BLACK LIGHT FOR ARTWORK: This flexible black light is ideal for working with fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments in your art projects.

  • SMALL BUT POWERFUL UV LED: Equipped with a 3W 395NM high power LED, this black light provides flicker-free UV light and high brightness, perfect for blacklight parties, black light art, and restaurant signage.

  • COMPACT AND FLEXIBLE: Features a 10.5" flexible gooseneck arm, allowing you to position the light exactly where you need it to showcase your art or signs professionally.

  • SIMPLE AND PORTABLE DESIGN: Includes a 54" USB power cord with an ON/OFF switch and a 120V US power adapter, making it easy to use with a power bank or computer.

  • WIDELY USED: Ideal for blacklight posters, glow parties, black paints, fluorescent paints, resin arts, ultraviolet curing, stain detection, and Apres Gel-X systems.

Product Description

The Gooseneck UV Lamp for Nails is a powerful and versatile 3W 395NM LED UV light designed for various black light applications. It features a 10.5" flexible gooseneck arm with a sturdy clamp, perfect for tasks such as satin detection, glow parties, blacklight posters, UV gel nails, and ultraviolet curing. The lamp's strong UV light is flicker-free, ensuring a professional black light experience.


  • Power: 3W
  • Wavelength: 395NM
  • Input Voltage: DC5V
  • Input Current: 1A
  • Lens Angle: 30 Degrees
  • Gooseneck Arm Length: 10.5 Inches
  • Clamp Maximum Opening: 1.5 Inches
  • Power Cord Length: 54 Inches with ON/OFF switch
  • Power Adapter: 120V US Plug, Output 5V 1A

Package Includes:

  • 1 x UV Gooseneck Lamp for Nails
  • 54-Inch Power Cord with ON/OFF Switch
  • 5V 1A US Plug Power Adapter

Key Features:

  • 3W 395nm UV Light Diode: Provides strong UV light, ideal for curing Apres Gel-X extensions.

  • Compact Dimensions: 10.5-inch gooseneck arm, 54-inch power cord, and 0.94-inch diameter lighting head with a maximum clamp stretch distance of 1.5 inches.

  • Powerful Clamp: Durable and sturdy, allowing you to clip the lamp anywhere for optimal lighting.

  • Flexible Gooseneck Arm: Easily position the light beam to achieve perfect black light illumination.

  • 5V 1A US Adapter Included: The 120V US plug power adapter allows for easy connection to mains power, computers, or power banks. The USB power cord features an ON/OFF switch for convenient control.


  • UV Glue Curing: Perfect for precise application and curing of UV glue.
  • UV Lamp for Gel Nails: Enhances the ease of applying gel nails by allowing flexible positioning of the light.
  • Blacklight Poster: Widely used for illuminating blacklight posters, creating an impressive visual effect.

This 395nm gooseneck UV lamp is perfect for various scenarios, making it easier to apply gelly tips without struggling to position your fingers under the light. You can hang it from a cabinet, turn it on, and move your nail under the light effortlessly.


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